Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a journalism major and a public relations minor. An inspiring music journalist, Boice is an intern with Rapzilla.com and a news release writer for indie artists. When he is not slaving over content, board and card games will hit the table while Christian Hip-Hop and Metalcore bump from speakers.

Treating addiction during COVID-19

In her experience, Toni Harris, program supervisor for the Greenbriar Treatment Center’s  Washington, Pennsylvania, location, said COVID-19 has affected the opioid epidemic in Southwestern Pennsylvania. For those with a drug offense who were placed on probation during or shortly before COVID-19 restrictions began, Harris said addicts escaped their requirements of attending forced treatment. Jails, at … Continue reading

Senior Spotlights: McClellan preparing for ministry after graduation

One of Kevin McClellan’s favorite memories at Waynesburg University is a unique one: him cramping up.  “There’s always something holding back an athlete, so either there’s an athlete who is constantly pulling their hamstring every year, they have back problems or something. With me, I’ve been a person that has to drink a certain amount … Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Shafer overcame school difficulties, graduates with new purpose

Ashlee Shafer went from dropping out of high school to graduating from college and planning for graduate school. Shafer, senior psychology major, said she is grateful for her experience at Waynesburg University. “Thanks for making the last few years of my undergrad life wonderful,” Shafer said.  Shafer described herself as “a non-traditional student.” Due to … Continue reading

Guide to the weekend, March 13-15

According to the national weather service, it is supposed to rain this weekend. So that leaves two options: stay in the residence halls or go out to find indoor activities. To aid in choosing, here is a guide to three indoor activities this weekend.   1. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is organizing a Spring Hunter … Continue reading

Frying for funds

Fish fries provide Greene churches and fire departments will essential income

Every Friday between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, churches and fire departments across Greene County host fish fries. These fries are fundraisers to provide a source of income for these organizations. According to people affiliated with St. Marcellus Church, Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department, Richhill Township Volunteer Fire Department and the St. Ann’s Knights of Columbus … Continue reading

Becoming the family chef

I like food. So, when it came down to deciding whether my wife or I would have the cooking duties, I volunteered myself.  It’s been about seven months since I became the family chef. I have learned new recipes, ruined some meals (I can never seem to get cornstarch to thicken my sauces) and have … Continue reading

Guide to the weekend, Feb. 21-23

Tired of the school work and teachers? Greene County offers a variety of events each week. No group of weekend events look similar.  To aid in finding a good event to relax with, here is a guide to three events happening this weekend.    1. Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser If you like spaghetti, head over to … Continue reading

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