University ‘pulling together’ while being split by the pandemic

Students and faculty adjust to finish spring semester remotely

With social distancing becoming the new mandatory norm across America, many Waynesburg University students are forced to complete their classes online. Professors are now tasked with instructing their students for the remainder of the semester outside the classroom. Adam Jack, chairperson for the Criminal Justice and Social Sciences Department, said the adjustment to remote teaching … Continue reading


Deadlines approaching for housing selections for 2020-2021 school year

With the end of the semester fast approaching, some students now need to complete the 2020-21 housing selection process remotely. Though students are no longer physically on Waynesburg University’s campus, things are business as usual with housing selection. “The process starts with on-campus houses, then suite-style doubles, then triples and quads and then finally traditional … Continue reading


‘It’s in God’s hands’

Sophomore overcomes cancer, now waits patiently to play baseball again.

Ty Kildow knew it was a problem, but he didn’t want any distractions. He just completed his first year at Waynesburg University, and had helped the baseball team to its first playoff appearance in four years as a utility infielder. When the season ended in May, he was ready to enjoy his first summer as … Continue reading

Arts & Life

Why do students like bingo so much?

From hammocks to treat baskets, prizes aren't the only thing bringing students to monthly bingo nights

Although Bingo is generally seen as a fun way for older adults to pass the time, Waynesburg University students prove that young adults can have just as much fun with a game that has been around since as early as the 16th century. Waynesburg University has hosted a number of different activities and events for … Continue reading


Building demolished on High Street to create more parking

If you entered Waynesburg west-bound on High Street, you were probably greeted on the left by an excavator atop a giant mound of dirt and debris.  Three buildings were recently demolished in hopes of building a new parking lot for St. Ann’s Catholic Church.  “I think it beautifies the entrance into Waynesburg,” said Rev. Albin … Continue reading


Senior Column: Growth and conclusion

Well, this wasn’t how I expected it to go. When I graduated from high school four summers ago, I was a person who wouldn’t have minded spending his entire life at home. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy company, but if my free time consisted of staying in my house and watching sports documentaries, that … Continue reading