Seth Evans

Executive Editor

Ranking the Star Wars films

Disney + just released the first four episodes of their new series titled, ‘The Acolyte.’  According to the description found on, the action/adventure series takes place hundreds of year prior to the Phantom Menace and the timeline that is familiar to the larger Star Wars audience. In celebration of this new series, members of … Continue reading

Forensic Investigation: Mia Baranowski

Like hundreds of others in May, Mia Baranowski will be walking to receive her college degree, and her time as an undergraduate at Waynesburg University will come to a close. Considering that Baranowski’s journey began nowhere near the world of chemistry and forensic investigation, it raises the question of what caused such a sudden change. … Continue reading

Hayes leads second annual marine biology trip during winter break

   One of Waynesburg University’s three main pillars is service, a facet of the University’s identity that is seen all across campus. Fiat Lux service projects, resident mentors serving via community initiatives and in this instance, service trips during the breaks. During the winter break, one of the trips that was offered was the Marine Conservation … Continue reading

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