PennDot and Waynesburg borough combine for massive construction project

   The Waynesburg Borough and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, otherwise known as PennDot, have partnered together for a several week-long road renovation and construction project taking place across  numerous areas of Waynesburg.

     Brian Cumberledge, who serves as the street department manager for the Waynesburg Borough, spoke on some of the details of the road renovations that are taking place across town.

  “A lot of the project will be to replace all of the traffic lights in Waynesburg Borough, which includes High Street, portions of Morris, Green Street and a few more,” said Cumberledge.

     Cumberledge mentioned how this project, which is estimated to run at approximately $9 million, is done primarily for the purposes of “safety and infrastructure” due to the aforementioned damages left by the constant trucking and constant traffic.

     “All trucks meet in Waynesburg, so all of the roads get beat to death,” Cumberledge said, while also including how the repairs to the roads come at the added expense of having to accommodate residents who’s domiciles share space next to the road. 

With the project consisting of 11 inches of new concrete being added in, Cumberledge mentioned how free infrastructure repairs will be offered prior to their area being subject to construction due to the risks of redoing it post-construction. “We want to make sure the sewer lines are safe prior to putting in the concrete, as making changes to the concrete area will be very expensive.”

     Cumberledge also mentioned the role that PennDot has in the project.

     “The project is a PennDot betterment project, and we won’t have any direct involvement in the work. Just providing local knowledge to PennDot,” Cumberledge said.

 According to Cumberledge, PennDOT’s website and the project report,  Ron Murray, who serves as a road service and repair technician for PennDot, will be the project manager. According to the same report, bidding for the project began on Sept. 28, with construction set for completion on Oct. 30. 

     For Waynesburg residents interested in the progress of the project, the online report shares information regarding contact information for the community relations coordinator, the project limits, and the objectives of the project, as well as other matters.