Bowlby Library hosts annual ‘Turkey Trot’

Eva K. Bowlby Public Library hosted their 7th annual 5k Turkey Trot on Saturday, Nov. 18. This is the library’s biggest fundraiser of the year and its goal is to fulfill the library’s mission according to their website: to provide through the use of traditional and emerging technologies, materials, and services for community residents of … Continue reading

Lantern fly infestations borders Greene County

This summer, several news agenciesreported of a spotted lanternfly infestation in Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions. Just an hour’s drive away from Pittsburgh, in Greene County, the constant buzz of SLF has yet to be heard in resident’s ears.  SLF are an invasive species native to China, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant … Continue reading

Leaves, Festivals, and Spooky Events, Welcome to Fall

The fall season is here, and with that comes the inevitable exodus of leaves along with celebrations. According to the Pennsylvania Weather Action, a regional meteorologist website which calculates Pennsylvania’s fall foliage, the leaves are expected to peak from Oct. 22-28 in Greene County.  Greene County is outlined in the article, but not labeled. However, … Continue reading