Commissioner Board Meeting Updates (9-16-21)

At Thursday’s meeting, the Greene County Commissioners recognized September as Suicide Prevention month, distinguishing Sept. 10 as Suicide Prevention Day. They also approved September as Recovery Month-in regards to  drugs and alcohol addictions-and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month. Both Commissioner Mike Belding and Betsy McClure were present; Blair Zimmerman was absent due to his … Continue reading

Multiple cats rescued in Greene County

Nearly three weeks ago, 29 cats were found living in a filthy Greene County home. Now, those cats are being treated and cared for by Teddy Bear Care, a Carmichaels-based animal rescue group. Humane officer Robin Leighty described the conditions of the house as, “One big huge litter box. I mean, that’s the only way … Continue reading

‘My Child. My Choice’

Locals protest new mask PA mandate at the Greene County courthouse

A gathering of Greene County citizens smattered the front steps of the Greene County Courthouse the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 7 to protest the newly enacted mask mandate in Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website,  “On Tuesday, Aug. 31, Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of Health signed an Order requiring face coverings to be … Continue reading

Remembering this day

Flight 93 first responders recount their story

“If I remember correctly, it was a sunny day,” said Louis Barclay, former Conemaugh Township Police Chief. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Barclay was conducting former Conemaugh Township Detective Bubba Fatula’s annual firearms qualification.  This seemingly ordinary day would be something they would remember forever.  “We headed back to the office and 911 … Continue reading