Commissioners’ Meetings (3-17 & 3-18)

On Thursday March 18, the Greene County commissioners approved the declaration of National Library Week to be set for April 4-10. The commissioners presented certificates to different local library directors as appreciation for their service. Commissioner McClure thanked the local librarians for all of their work.  “We really appreciate our libraries that we have,” McClure … Continue reading

Greene County broadband expansion update

Last December, Greene County completed its broadband improvements in Bobtown, Carmichaels, Greensboro, Jefferson, Mount Morris and Waynesburg. According to Mike Belding, Greene County Commissioner, the expansion has brought improved internet to homes in these areas.  “The investment provides an opportunity for increased speed and reliability to 7,313 homes and businesses and included upgraded hardware and … Continue reading

Patient Safety Awareness Week in Greene County

March 14-20 is Patient Safety Awareness Week, an annual event created to encourage everyone to learn more about healthcare safety. Cornerstone Care clinics, with an office at 501 W. High Street in Waynesburg, is partnering with The Institute for Healthcare this week. IHI is a nonprofit national and international organization focused on partnering with healthcare … Continue reading

The man behind the Greene curtain

In the late 18th century, Great Britain was at war with its own 13 colonies, soon to be known as the United States of America. The war found its way over to Greene County, Pennsylvania, where a noncommissioned officer’s sword was left behind in the rubble of battle. There was nobody around to know who … Continue reading