RGB Coffee Review. What does WU think of it?

The RGB Coffee shop has only been open for a couple of months, but has already made a name for itself in Waynesburg and Greene County. 

The staff provides what many businesses nowadays lack, and that is great service. The baristas are all friendly and social when you walk into the coffee shop. 

Once you get your coffee, you can go to the seating area, which is the best part about the shop. On one wall, you have historical pictures of not only Waynesburg, but Greene County as well. 

Students around campus also have great emotions towards the new shop. 

“I really like RGB,”said William Wilson, junior at Waynesburg University. “I think it is exactly what Waynesburg needed, especially the University. It is very convenient, it offers the same items as Starbucks and the prices in some cases are cheaper.”

Seniors Ella Sheedy and Austin Russell continued to appreciate not only their products but people. 

“RGB is a cute little coffee shop with a professional and friendly staff,” Sheedy said.

 “I like them because their prices are affordable and the coffee is good, but also because the people are close and some of the friendliest people too,” Russell said. 

So, while RGB has only been open for a little bit of time, they are continuing to grow and are creating a great relationship with students here on campus.