Carmichaels pool under repairs

For the 2024 season, the Carmichaels area pool will be closed to the public as significant upgrades to the pool will begin to be made.

Green County Director of Recreation Bret Moore talked about the tough decision to close the pool for the time being.

“It was a matter of economics and safety,” Moore said. “We had people come to inspect the pipes, and we talked about just patching it seasonally, but the pipes are just deteriorating, and because of all of the drainage, we are not sure what issues there may be with the ground itself.”

The decision was made by the Greene County Department of Recreation in conjunction with Cumberland Township commissioners. 

Moore went into more detail about the decision-making process on the matter.

“The Department of Recreation had consulted with the Cumberland township commissioners all along,” Moore said. “It was something we had considered with the leaks and what all we could do to fix it, so we got together and brought in several experts and engineers who looked at the facility, and they used cameras through the pipes and they came to the decision that it was in really bad shape. So the commissioners agreed with me to close it and fix it for good as opposed to just patching it from season to season and hoping nothing bad happens.”

As for when the pool will be reopened, a timeline for repairs has not yet been determined or announced, but the possibility still remains that it will be opened to the public again by 2025.

“[Opening it by 2025] would be great,” Moore said. “We just don’t know what the cost will be. We are going to have to get bids and estimates and from there we will make that decision.”