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Fighting hunger

Businesses team up with students for empty bowls

Hunger is a problem in Greene County. According to Greene County Food Security Partnership’s website, in 2010, “the poverty rate for children in Greene County is 20.4 percent (or 1,588 individuals under the age of 18), with 2,090 children able to be identified as food insecure (25.9 percent of population under 18).” While this problem … Continue reading

Sandoval’s return to Waynesburg fueled by passions

Jonathan Sandoval was in sixth grade when he had Mr. Miller for math at Kenston Middle School. Sandoval later said Mr. Miller truly cared about him, as opposed to some teachers who just moved through their day without close interactions with students. Sandoval remembers how the two would talk about life after class. He became … Continue reading

Students prepare to explore Greece during spring break

Sophomore criminal justice major Alexis Taylor wanted to travel.  “Coming to college I knew that I wanted to either do a study abroad or do a mission trip, especially with Waynesburg being a Christian school and mission focused and mission centered,” Taylor said. “I knew I wanted to do some kind of traveling.”   But after … Continue reading

Recent Photographs

Wiley's new turf