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Construction for new Sheetz location begins near Route 21

Residents and university students in the town of Waynesburg eagerly awaited the renovations of the Sheetz in the center of town to be completed at the end of last year. Franklin Township is now soon to be the recipient of a second Sheetz location, with this one being located on the other side of Interstate … Continue reading

Several departments currently in process of updating classes

Multiple departments on the campus of Waynesburg University are currently going through the lengthy process of changing or updating curricula. Such changes can be small or large in scale; however, plenty of work goes into ensuring the changes are appropriate for the university while also benefitting students. “It may be a single course or it may … Continue reading

County draws awareness to gambling addiction

Public forum addresses issue and provides resources

The month of March was Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The title was created in hopes of creating more public awareness on the topic, as well as spreading the word on the available treatment and recovery services. Gambling can become easily addictive, interfering with a person’s everyday life. A problem gambler lets gambling get in the … Continue reading

Schneider leaves WU, men’s dorms left with one RD

After six years, Russ Schneider is leaving Waynesburg University to continue his career with an exciting new job opportunity on the opposite side of Pennsylvania. Schneider has accepted a position with Cairn University, formerly Philadelphia Biblical University, a small bible school outside of Philadelphia. He will become the new Director of Community Life, a job … Continue reading

Waynesburg impacted by long flu season

The United States is currently in the midst of one of the most dangerous and widespread flu seasons in recent memory, as the most dominant strain spanned across the entire country earlier in the year than usual. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health website, there have been more than 85,000 documented cases of the … Continue reading

Two-hour block replaces traditional Assessment Day

In years past, Waynesburg University had held its annual Assessment Day on a set day in February for students of all majors to take surveys or tests and participate in any additional activities for the students’ major. Traditionally, each department organizes the day differently. The decision was made last year to change Assessment Day to … Continue reading

Senate president plans to make changes, fundraise against cancer

Ever since at least early high school, T.J. DeNofrio, a sophomore pre-law major and political science minor, has been active and interested in politics. In a country that continues to drift further and further nationally from meaningful discussion on important topics, DeNofrio remains level headed about the outstanding effect politics can truly create. “I’m pretty … Continue reading

A day in the life: Smith reflects on ‘smooth transition’ to position

Assistant Director of Student Services Ryan Smith continued the trend last fall of Waynesburg University students being hired to work for the school. After getting a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies in 2015, and a Master’s of Business Administration at Southepointe as well, Smith came back to Waynesburg’s main campus to work where he felt comfortable. Not only was … Continue reading

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