In the news: Three notable headlines

1. The Kincade fire in Sonoma County, California, has currently engulfed over 75,000 acres of land within six days. A combination of low humidity and high temperatures with a strong wind has allowed the wildfire to burn up over double the size of San Francisco in land and continue to pose a threat to the state. Over 4,500 firefighters are working to put an end to the fire’s movement. However, they only have 15% of the fire contained. Kincade has currently destroyed more than 120 structures and injured two firefighters. So far, no fatalities have been recorded.

2. After weeks of internal testimony, house democrats will bring their findings to the public in the form of a resolution, outlining the next steps of their impeachment procedure for President Donald Trump. The intelligence committee will hold open hearings and release witness testimony. The president and his council are able to attend these hearings and have the ability to question witnesses and provide additional evidence. This process is expected to begin on the house floor Thursday as Democrats move down the chain of impeachment.

3. The NCAA announced on Tuesday that they will allow college athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a way that is “consistent with the collegiate model.” The Board of Governors voted unanimously to change the rule that has given household college athletes problems in the past, including Johnny Manziel and the Ball family. Many college football and gaming fans rejoiced at the ruling, which is a major step towards bringing back the NCAA college football video game. Ben Axelrod, a digital content producer from Cleveland, Ohio, posted a picture of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence on a fictional cover of the game after the ruling was announced, opening the conversation on the possible return of the game.