RM training leads to ‘Gnomes for Homes’ event

On Monday, Nov. 6, Waynesburg University hosted a “Gnomes for Homes” event where students could get together and paint gnomes for a good cause.

“So Gnomes for Homes was sort of like the normal Bisque and Brew,”  Willison Hall Resident Mentor Seth Eaton said. “We had little bisque gnomes that were being sold for $5 a piece and people could paint their gnomes and customize them in any way. We also had a raffle with Waynesburg-themed gnomes. All of the proceeds are going to an organization to help the homeless.”

All resident mentors for Waynesburg were asked to come up with an idea for an event like this, and Gnomes for Homes was  the winner. Eaton spoke a little more about how the idea came about.

“We have to do a community service initiative as being RM’s and we got this idea from an activity Pat Bristor did with us in our RM training,” he said. “We all thought that it was a great idea and Pat liked it as well so we decided to use it for our community service initiative.”

Eaton also said that the main resident mentor that spearheaded the idea was John Dalzotto.

“Really, all of us threw in some ideas about the project during that activity but one of our RM’s, John Dalzotto, really came up with the final idea and the name Gnomes for Homes,” Eaton said.

The event was held in room 301 of the Stover Campus Center. Eaton said that he and his fellow resident mentors at Willison Hall felt that the event was important in helping out the homeless.

“We hoped to raise as much funds as we are able to support the homeless,” Eaton said. It is something that we all feel is important to want to help and through this event we hope to have inspired others to help as well. We wanted people who came to have had a great time and know that what they did was important.”

For the Willison Hall RM’s, it was a way to make even a small difference in a positive manner.