The fight to smile

Brady's Roadhouse

Do not allow other people’s ignorance to bring you down. Be of good courage. For no one truly knows you like God knows you. 

The Bible mentions us as being part of His “inheritance” (Zephaniah 3:17) and His greatest “masterpiece” (Ephesians 2:10). What an honor bestowed by our God that He would have favor on us despite our sins! 

This is how the Heavenly Father has defined our identity. Anyone else’s rigid truth is a solid encyclopedia of lies. Their affirmation cannot stand beside the living Word whose words withstands ancient time, in comprehension far beyond ours, composed by the Divine. 

Let us pray and celebrate! His passion is our reality. Instead, you have chosen to deteriorate. How much longer will you neglect the Good Master’s thoughts? Shall you shove it once more aside? He closely swarms above while you trudge by. And yet, you do so consciously. The irony is you object to doing so feverently. 

Sometimes, I understand that it is easy to forget being His masterpiece especially when one is overshadowed by unsentimental lies that degrade their being and all that they could possibly be from the sabotaging vines. As the thorns that rise from toxic friendships, relationships, to stereotypes, discrimination, racism, sexism, negativity, jealousy, grief, depression, or even pride, we fall behind ourselves. 

We progressively decline. 

This happens even when no one present is our opponent. We do this so that others flourish at our own risk. We forget the greater purpose in life. That same purpose that God bestowed in us to accomplish the flourish of us. We are indeed sinful and far from the perfection we aim to meet. Yet, we must remain full of mind. 

I am not stating that same state of mind that has you contorted and victimized inside to prize your own life’s demise. Rather that state of mind that is intertwined with the most loving place in your heart no matter how small. His unequivocal and plethoral love is abundant for us all. We are all worthy in feeling His Majesty’s compassion by the grace and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And as He rose again, we can rise and open from the trammels that barge us from the future that deserves us. 

We can be free, provided that we want to be free. It is about time that you see the beauty that is you indeed. Do not allow life’s growth pains to leave you weary nor paralyzed. In this I say, rise up and smile. You are a valuable treasure in God’s eyes. As you allow yourself to radiate with beams that illuminate the night sky, allow others to shine just as bright. 

Do not use your light to burn others who wander through the surface of the tide. Help them to see who they are. You are sons and daughters of the King. In knowing that, what do you believe that makes you? Fight for your throne and smile.