Waynesburg golf tees-off against Bethany in 3-1 win

From September 27th, 2022

WHEELING, W.Va. (Sept. 27) – On a perfect day for golf, the Waynesburg University Yellow Jackets took on the Bethany College Bison at the Wheeling Country Club, winning the match 5-0.

“All of our golfers performed well today,” head coach Mike Cipoletti said. “It was great to get more playing opportunities for our first-year players.”

The Yellow Jackets competed in four matches, three men’s and one women’s. Senior Carter Newcome led the scoring, winning his match nine and eight. 

“I think today was all about being in a good position off the tee,” Newcome said. “I was able to do that with most tee shots, and my score was good because of that,”  

 Following Newcome were freshman Hudson Pincavitch, with a win of eight and seven, and freshman Matt Ankrom, with a win of five and four. 

“I was best off the tee today,” Pincavitch said. “That and my putting put me in great positions to score.” 

Ankrom was happy with his performance as well.

“I approach each round with a positive mindset,” Ankrom said.“Remaining positive allows me to perform my best during the highs and lows of the season. I’m glad I was able to contribute to the win.”

Sophomore Audrey Abatti was the lone competitor for the women, losing her match five and four. Throughout all the matches, the Yellow Jackets were victorious, three matches to one. 

“It was a good experience for all the players to compete in a scoring format that is different from the regular stroke play events,” Cipoletti said. “We need to be better at minimizing mistakes. That ability usually comes with experience.”

The weather and course conditions were ideal for the golfers with the course itself being in perfect condition. Some golfers, like Newcome, try to keep a steady routine. 

“I try to treat it like any other round,” Newcome said. “But obviously it’s a little bit different than that. So, I listen to certain music and eat a certain meal before each round.” 

Despite the win, Coach Cipoletti would love to see more improvements from his players. 

“There’s always room to improve in golf,” Cipoletti said. “I’d like to see us make improvements primarily in our consistency and game management.”

The team also defeated Kent State Tuscanawas at Oglebay 3-2 to finish the day perfect.