Waynesburg has Overtime Thriller and Advances

With just under one minute and 30 seconds left in overtime. The Yellow Jackets start to counter the Washington & Jefferson Presidents. A pass goes to freshman forward, Hailey Gilchrest in the attack third by the sidelines. With a minute and 17 seconds left, Gilchrest launches a cross and it goes in. The Jackets take the lead in the first overtime, 1-0. 

The Yellow Jackets battled against the Presidents in the quarterfinals of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference tournament, with the Jackets pulling off the upset with a final score of 1-0 after two overtimes. 

“It was tough, we did not execute our gameplan in the first half,” said Head Coach George DeAugustino. “We have to get our outside backs up and create width, and we finished strong.” 

There has been no winner between Waynesburg and Washington & Jefferson in the last seven matches six of them. The last time there was a crowned winner was two years ago in the quarterfinals where the Presidents beat the Yellow Jackets 1-0. 

With the win, Waynesburg moves on to play the Grove City Wolverines. Earlier this year the Jackets were beating the number one seed 1-0, although the Wolverines were able to come back late and win 2-1. 

“I think we need to tweak some small things to make our game a little cleaner,” said assistant coach Emily Redman. “It is more of a mental battle now, but it can help us get a result to move on.” 

With the goal, Gilchrest tallied her fourth goal this season. Three of the last four goals have been in the past two games which have helped the Jackets clinch a playoff spot and move them on into the next round. 

“She is going to be my number one star for the game today,” DeAugustino said. “She had the game-winning goal to help us move forward into the next round.” 

Freshman goalkeeper Alexus Greenlief posted her second collegiate shutout this year. With the win, she marked 13 saves. The Presidents had 29 shot attempts and could not score at all. 

“Greenlief is the second star of the game,” DeAugustino said. “Another shutout and she played amazing today.” 

The Jackets will be playing this Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 7 p.m. against the aforementioned Wolverines.