Waynesburg University Sports Network completes first ever Trinity Baseball Game Production

​​On Friday, April 26,​ the Waynesburg University Sports Network (WUSN) covered ​their​ first baseball game for Trinity High School. 

 They traveled to Ross Memorial Park in Washington, PA to put on a production in their game against Albert Gallatin.  

Chairman of the Department of Communication and Assistant Professor of Communication Richard Krause said to his knowledge, this was the first ever WUSN production at Ross Memorial Park, ​with​​-​Trinity ​earning a​ 10-0 win in six innings of play.  

Seth Adams, who is set to become the next Executive Producer of WUSN, thought Friday was a major success. Adams operated a mobile camera for the livestream, getting close-up shots of the players. 

“I thought Friday was really successful,” Adams said. “We got there early, got the job done and were able to clean up super quick. Everyone had a good time too, which is something I think that needs to be prioritized more.” 

Adams went on to say he would love to do another production like​​ this​ again​ in the future. 

“We would like to do another production like this in the future. Friday should be something we should all be proud of. All the people in WUSN work really hard, so if we can have more opportunities like this, I say we take them,” Adams said. 

“First, I want to thank (Scott) Donnelly for the lead,” Krause said. “That was a great project for us and has given us a new announcing experience.”  

Krause said that opportunities like these are an amazing chance for the department. 

“Scott has been a wonderful asset to the program, these opportunities are golden. We are always looking for these types of opportunities.”  

Krause, like Adams, said he would love to see more productions in​​ the future, ​as well too​​​. 

“We must do more ​projects​​ ​like this in the future. I would very much like to see the announcing program ​continentwide​ to do great things,” Krause said. 

One of the announcers for the game was Donnelly, a Waynesburg University student​ who​ ​graduated​ from Trinity High School, who said it was a full circle moment for him.  

“It was a really special night for me,” Donnelly said. “The timing of the partnership between Waynesburg and Trinity was crazy in that I was right in the middle of it.” 

Donnelly​ also spoke on how he​ was grateful to be able to announce the game and was proud of the WUSN crew for their hard work.  

“I was blessed to be able to be one of the announcers for the game, and I was so proud of how the WUSN team conducted themselves. I feel like we really ended the year on a high note,” Donnelly said.  

This was the last WUSN production for the 2023-2024 school year, and the last ever WUSN production for senior Spencer Frattare, who said it feels weird to have worked on his final WUSN production. 

“It definitely felt a little weird, especially after working on these productions the past four years. But, with the people that will be here next year, I know that they will go above and beyond in the future,” Frattare said.  

While the sports network is done for the school year, WCTV will be covering the 2023-24 commencements on ​Sunday, ​May 5​,​ for the undergraduate program​, with​​ the ceremony beginning will he​ ceremony at 2 p.m.