Waynesburg Univ. and the importance of its tutoring center

Waynesburg University’s tutoring center is one of the resources offered at The Pathways Center for students, as it gives students on campus who are struggling or could just use a little more help in classes a chance to grow.

The center has many courses to choose from for tutoring, although some courses do not currently provide tutoring. “If there is a course not listed on the website that a student would like added, they can email me and I will do my best to have something set up,” said Jaime Emerson, the tutoring center’s head director. 

Emerson explained the process.

“Students can make appointments on Waynesburg University’s myConnect under the name ‘Tutor Request Form.’ They can also find a video tutorial on how to make an appointment. This is found under Tutoring Schedule Instructions. Students can choose whatever time fits them best to meet with a tutor. If students feel more comfortable in a group setting, they can attend group tutoring or a campus study table. When they attend the session, they can choose the subject they would like to focus on during that time. After they make an appointment, the tutor will reach out where they would like to meet. Appointments tend to be on the bottom floor of the Eberly Library, but appointments can be pretty much wherever on campus.” Emerson said, while elaborating on how this resource should be used without any fear or apprehension. 

“For any student scared to ask for help in tutoring, you are in control. The student making the appointment has control over when it will be, what they will work on, and what format of tutoring they prefer,” 

The tutoring center is currently under maintenance, but all tutor materials have been relocated to remain accessible until it is reopened, according to Emerson. “In regards to any tutoring center changes, I’d rather leave that a surprise. Students will have to stop by themselves to find out,” Emerson said.

A portion of the bottom floor of the Eberly Library is currently under maintenance, with the previous tutoring center and career closet space included.