Waynesburg’s Veteran and Military Affiliated Center collaborates with GBU Life

GBU Life, a member-owned, fraternal benefit society according to the organization’s website when describing its purpose, has recently partnered with Waynesburg University’s Veteran and Military Affiliated Center in an effort to serve those who are currently and have formally served this country in any capacity.

Jennifer Stockdale, the Director of Communications and Community Engagement for GBU Life, gave more insight into what these programs and services entail. She explained how it was back in 2007 when they began their support group called Operation Reach Out. At first, the members would “get together annually to pack and ship care packages to active service members stationed overseas” but as GBU Life progressed the society would go on to partner with Operation Troop American in 2019. Stockdale explained how this helped them reach more service members, stating, “We get together quarterly to pack care packages at OTA and help support their Welcome Home program with donations.”

GBU Life, a member-owned fraternal benefit society, has recently partnered with the Veteran and Military Affiliated Center at Waynesburg University. GBU Life strives to help the veterans within the community and this new connection with Waynesburg will go on to support military students within the area, according to a Waynesburg University press release.

Stockdale expressed that “we are proud to be able to extend our support to Waynesburg University’s Veteran and Military Affiliated Center…We have provided a donation to support these programs.” Stockdale herself has been working with GBU Life for five years and said she is personally “fortunate to work for organizations that are doing good for our communities.”

According to the Waynesburg University press release on this partnership, Waynesburg’s Military students and the veterans within the community,  this partnership with GBU Life means that they will receive direct support. Located on the first floor of Miller Hall at Waynesburg University, the Center, “offers dedicated programs and services, information and assistance with military benefits and resources, a gathering point for Veteran and Military- affiliated students; and a place to learn about Waynesburg’s connections to service in the Armed Forces.” according to the aforementioned press release.