WU hosting 12-day art gallery

Waynesburg University is hosting an art gallery from Apr. 15 to Apr. 26, which is consisting of exclusively student artwork.

Waynesburg University’s Department of Fine Arts has hosted multiple art galleries, bringing in multiple different local or traveling artists. “It allows students to see artwork they normally can’t.” said Professor Emily Wiedner, professor fine arts, who organized all of these art showcases.

This time however, the exhibition is composed of work solely from Waynesburg University students, as the Benedum Fine Arts Gallery, which is located beneath the Benedum Dining Hall, is full of artwork crafted by students. “All the work is from classes.” said Lisa Rasmussen, assistant professor of Fine Arts and Communication

“All that is displayed was originally submitted in class for a grade,” Rasmussen said.

The showcase displays multiple different styles and genres of art. There are printed drawings, chalk sketches, Public Service Announcement posters, pixel art, 3D-printed models, painted and sculpted cups and more. The exhibition showcases several different art styles.

The artworks chosen to be displayed were chosen for a multitude of reasons. “I look for how engaging the drawing is”. Rasmussen said “I look for accuracy, rendering, and how well done it is”. Indeed, many of the chosen artworks are engaging, with strong colorization and powerful strokes to draw the audience’s eyes in different directions. “Again, I look for how the drawing engages the audience by pulling them into it,” Rasmussen said.

The displays are not just for Waynesburg students and locals to come ogle at. “It’s important for students to see their work come full circle,” Wiedner said. “It shows off work to other students and showcases what we do in our classes.”

The art classes at Waynesburg University are ones that are always open to anyone, though many of the teachers feel as though the work and effort that their students put in is usually undermined and ignored by a majority of the campus.

Anyone can be an artist, as many professors at Waynesburg University proclaim, and anyone who wants to be an artist only has to try. “Practice, practice, practice. And don’t prejudge,” Rasmussen said, as she teaches graphic design classes in Buhl Hall. “We just started including the design work here, since Lisa joined the COM Department” Wiedner said.

The Benedum Fine Arts Gallery is open to all to see up to April 26. Students are encouraged to come to the gallery and witness the talent and artistry that usually lies hidden within their fellow classmates.

  • Editors Note: Emily Wiedner’s correct title is “adjunct instructor for the Department of Fine Arts”