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Groups prepare to travel, serve for spring break

For many college students, spring break means vacation, trips to the beach and sunshine. For others, spring break is simply a time to spend back home with family, away from the busy noise of the school week. However, members of sports teams and other groups at Waynesburg University who will be using spring break as … Continue reading

Positivity more purposeful than fame

Why are you here? What is your purpose? This is a question that was posed to me last week during a discussion. More specifically, this is a question that has been posed to me more times than I have cared to keep track of. If this question is new to you, then you’ve simply been … Continue reading

Pittsburgh votes for controversial gun restrictions

Last Tuesday, Pittsburgh city lawmakers passed three pieces of legislation that restrict gun ownership in the city. The legislation has caused feuding among city officials, as Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala called out Mayor Bill Peduto and others for legislation Zappala claims is “unconstitutional.” In a letter issued to Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey … Continue reading

SAB hosts ‘Back to the 80’s’-themed dance

The Waynesburg University Student Activities Board, in a never-ending search for new, creative ideas to get students out of the dorms and interacting with one and other looked to the past last weekend. SAB hosted its first 1980s themed dance in the Beehive this past Saturday. Senior nursing major Julie Sipes,  credited the dance to … Continue reading

In the News: Five headlines you need to know this week

Senate says no collusion between Trump campaign and Russia Both Democrats and Republicans on the senate committee investigating the 2016 Presidential Election have come out and said they have found no evidence of direct collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. As the investigation draws to an end, senators are stating there is no … Continue reading

Marino resigns from position

Former U.S Representative Tom Marino (R-Pa.) resigned from office after serving four terms and part of a fifth out of Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district. Marino’s resignation comes just after his recent re-election in November, when he won 66 percent of the vote in PA-12 to defeat Marc Friedenberg (D), securing his fifth term in office. … Continue reading

Charleroi Council carousel halts with new member

Changes in leadership positions can often be difficult for rural communities, especially when the communities are looking to grow economically and financially. The issues created by leadership changes are only intensified when there are multiple instances within a short period of time. This has been the case for the Charleroi Council, who has experienced two … Continue reading


Students voted for first time in midterm election

With midterm elections finally upon us, new voices have registered to be heard in 2018. For freshman aerospace engineering major Luke Diel, the opportunity to vote in a midterm election is a great way to experience his first time voting. “I’m excited,” Diel said. “I think it’s a very important time in our country, especially … Continue reading

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