Hunger strikes hard

For the most part, the college experience is positive. Kids spend 18 years dreaming of the day they get their high school diplomas, and then after graduation, basking, reflecting and anticipating for two months until the day they kiss their parents goodbye – in some cases until Thanksgiving – and go off to start their … Continue reading

Remembering the Tree of Life tragedy

One year ago Sunday, an unfathomable tragedy brought the world to a halt, and it all happened in a city many Waynesburg University students call home.  Last year on Oct. 27, the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrell Hill section of Pittsburgh was the sight of the deadliest anti-Semitic act in American history. 11 … Continue reading

Each state has a say

Electoral College holds the ultimate power

The Electoral College is a complicated subject for many Americans. The system was established by the founding fathers as a way to have states play a role in the executive branch. This was one of the many ways the founders looked to separate the powers within the country so that no group would become too … Continue reading

The power of forgiveness

Whenever a catastrophic event such as suicide or mass shooting occurs, thoughts of despair, anger and justice fill the hearts of people. Investigations and court trials follow such events, and after sentences are handed out, the American public can put that matter at rest and move on from it. These horrible crimes call for action, … Continue reading

Utilize summer

Three months can be spent in a variety of ways

As April comes to a close and finals approaching, Waynesburg University students are preparing their summer plans. The three month break holds seemingly endless possibilities for students. The question is, what should students with their three months? Part-time jobs are a productive method to gain money for college bills and disposable income to relax and … Continue reading

Think Small

See the value in a small-school education

When it comes down to it, a small higher-education school provides students with the best educational and student experience. A college or university that limits the number of students to a class to somewhere below 25-30 allows for a more interactive personal environment that enhances experience. Students can interact to know professors better, and they … Continue reading

Restrict robocalls

The FCC needs harsher penalties for auto-calls

Last year, American’s received 26.3 billion robocalls, a number which the Washington Post reported is a 46% increase from 2017. There’s no end in sight for spam phone calls, according to a report from First Orion, a call ID and blocking service. This year, every other phone call made in America is most likely a … Continue reading

College Liability

College scandal a lesson to watch authority

Two weeks ago, America witnessed the U.S. Department of Justice uncover a scandal that has infuriated many students, parents and colleges. Federal officials reported 50 people were involved in standardized test grade manipulation and bribing school officials to let students gain admission into high standard schools such as Yale. This should anger every college student … Continue reading

Food insecurity

Waynesburg needs a student food pantry

In recent years, college students have taken on the reputation of being “broke,” having to survive on Ramen noodles. For some, however, this is a harsh reality they must face every day. A January 2019 article in The Atlantic highlighted recent research by the Government Accountability Office which revealed there are potentially millions of students … Continue reading

Take a break

Use your time wisely during the upcoming week

Spring Break is almost underway. This is a time where school work and college life can get pushed to the wayside, giving students the freedom to spend their  time as they please. However, with this break comes great responsibility. Spring Break, along with all university-sanctioned breaks, is an opportune time to take a break from … Continue reading