Rachel Pellegrino

Senior Spotlight: Setbacks can lead to success

Nursing major switched to communication sophomore year, graduates two years later

One of the hardest, yet most important lessons senior communication major Malarie Yoder learned during her time at Waynesburg University is that having a plan sometimes does not mean anything.  “There are other things out there that God is leading you to, and you have to understand that God is making the plan for you,” … Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Say Less, Do More

Zalakar influences the future of the Department of Communication

Looking back on his time at Waynesburg University, senior electronic media major Paul Zalakar said he wouldn’t change much, except he would have said less and done more. Melinda Roeder, instructor of communication, said that Zalakar’s response epitomizes who he is: “a doer.”  Zalakar has been involved in the Department of Communication since his freshman … Continue reading

How a simple self-defense class can save your life

Women are viewed as weak. Inferior to men. Incapable of protecting themselves.  If you are a woman and you buy into these standards that society has bestowed upon the female gender, you need a wake up call.  We are not weak or inferior to men or incapable of protecting ourselves in any way.  Maybe you … Continue reading

Waynesburg prepares for coronavirus outbreak

Waynesburg University is among numerous institutions preparing for the possible spread of the coronavirus, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently advised all U.S. Institutions of Higher education to plan and prepare for the coronavirus immediately. “As the global outbreak evolves, Institutions of Higher Education should prepare for the possibility of community-level outbreaks. … Continue reading

In the news: Five notable headlines

1. New York jury convicts Harvey Weinstein with multiple charges After days of deliberation, the jury in New York came to a verdict on the Harvey Weinstein case Monday, Feb. 24. Weinstein was convicted of third-degree rape of Jessica Mann and criminal sexual act in the first-degree against Mimi Haley. The jury found him not … Continue reading

Trump stands up for faith

I am a Christian. My family is Christian. My friends are Chrisitian. Faith is all around me and has been since I was a little girl.  I attended catholic grade school and high school and now attend a Chrisitian university.  To say the least, faith is important to me.  President Donald Trump’s State of the … Continue reading

CTC focuses on preparing children for the workforce

Trystan Weir, 2015 alumnus of Greene County Career and Technology Center and Jefferson High School, knew the college path was not for him.  Weir wanted to help people and make an impact on their lives, but the path he wanted to pursue required a technical education rather than the traditional four-year college degree. His dream … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

Coronavirus migrates from China to the United States  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently confirmed another case of the coronavirus in the United States. The total reported cases in the United States now totals three, all from different states: Washington, Chicago and California. The virus originated from China, where the reported cases have … Continue reading