John F. Wiley Stadium looks better than ever

“We’ve been playing football on this field since about 1895,” Waynesburg University President Douglas G. Lee said. “It is amazing how God has sustained this institution and we’ve stayed faithful to the mission we have.” John F. Wiley Stadium has gone through many renovations over the last year; an expanded parking lot, renovations to the … Continue reading

Integrated marketing class at Waynesburg to hold “Dodge for a Difference” event

An integrated marketing class at Waynesburg University will be hosting the “Dodge for a Difference” charity event April 20 in conjunction with the Best of the Batch Foundation to help children in need. This event acts as a project in Dr. Alexander Regina’s integrated marketing class. Last year’s “Fisch for a Cure” charity event also … Continue reading

Black History at Waynesburg University: How to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans to society on campus

As February approaches, the Waynesburg campus community is invited to participate in a slew of events, including panel discussions, cultural dinners, lectures, and more. With efforts spearheaded by Dr. Cornelius Coleman, assistant provost for undergraduate learning experiences and head football coach. The monthlong celebration will highlight Black history, culture, and perseverance. “I feel as though … Continue reading

Two Waynesburg student-athletes among the 123 Division III football players pursuing additional degrees this season

“Student-athletes have excellent time management skills because they have to,” said Jennifer Roy, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) for Waynesburg. Student-athletes have a lot on their plate and must balance a plethora of factors. Whether it is studying, practicing, or lifting, it can become a heavy load.  Imagine adding … Continue reading