Sierra Medina

Patient Safety Awareness Week in Greene County

March 14-20 is Patient Safety Awareness Week, an annual event created to encourage everyone to learn more about healthcare safety. Cornerstone Care clinics, with an office at 501 W. High Street in Waynesburg, is partnering with The Institute for Healthcare this week. IHI is a nonprofit national and international organization focused on partnering with healthcare … Continue reading

Burned out is an understatement

You’re sitting at your desk, shoulders hunched, neck aching. The sound of an Outlook notification hitting your phone or laptop can be enough to send a shudder down your spine. It is for me. You crave sleep, which shouldn’t even feel like a luxury, but has become the most sought-after activity.  We’re experiencing the telltale … Continue reading

The filibuster: protecting or destroying democracy?

The Senate filibuster is currently up for debate.  The filibuster, which allows a congressperson the ability to delay and block debate and voting on a bill by any constructive means, is widely misunderstood regarding its historical and legislative effect.  President Biden’s stance remains largely status quo, getting him in trouble with civil rights groups.  “My … Continue reading

Q&A: How it feels to be the other

Waynesburg University Sociology Professor Abolade Ezekiel Olagoke has been in America for 27 years. He is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University, Wheaton College, Northern University of Denver and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as an author of numerous publications regarding globalization, youth and religion, immigration and diasporic cultures.  Although his achievements are impressive, … Continue reading

One year later

March 16, 2020. A day I will never forget.  I was on the phone with my parents that afternoon when Waynesburg University decided its best option was to send everyone home. I remember walking frantically around my friend’s kitchen holding back tears.   I was stunned.   I simply could not wrap my head around the two … Continue reading

We’re all in this together

In a world increasingly fraught with bitterness, reviling, hurt and misunderstanding, how does one inch towards, let alone achieve, restoration? Words and deeds pierce with the fervency and impact of bullets. I know you can recall with ease a harrowing experience that left you breathless or with a lump in your heart and throat so … Continue reading

County adjusts to unbalanced budget

Greene County’s 2021 budget includes a property tax increase of an average of 4.25% per residence, as well as several other changes made to restructure funding including reduced staffing, offering an early retirement program and restructuring long-term debt. The deficit in the budget has decreased from $5.45 million to $4.18 million in 2020. The new … Continue reading

Rec center to host 48th annual wrestling tournament

The EQT REC Center of Waynesburg is partnering with the Waynesburg Youth Wrestling Program for their 48th Annual Youth Wrestling Tournament on Feb. 21 at 9 a.m. “The members of the wrestling board, along with High School Varsity Coach, Joe Throckmorton, our employee and coach, Adam Dicken and myself have put together, what I believe … Continue reading