In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Over 100 Soldiers diagnosed with brain injuries from Iranian strike

Due to the missile strike Jan. 8 on the al Asad military base in Iraq, it was reported Feb. 10 that over 100 American soldiers suffered mild traumatic brain injuries, according to a U.S. official. Originally, the Pentagon reported at the end of January that there were 64 servicemen injured. Several Pentagon officials said, however, that the number of diagnoses would change over time. The missile strike was a retaliation from the Jan. 2 drone strike that killed the top Iranian general. 


2. Four Chinese hackers charged with for Equifax breach

For hacking into Equifax’s credit reporting company in 2017, four Chinese military hackers were charged with the crime Feb. 10. reported by the Department of Justice, the result of the theft of names, birth dates and social security information belonging to approximately 145 million Americans. The hackers spent multiple weeks in Equifax’s network collecting and downloading information undetected, said the indictment.

3. Coronavirus outbreak reaches record deaths  

China’s National Health Commission reported Feb. 9 that 97 people died from the coronavirus. The toll breaks the daily record for the, since it was first detected in December, the virus has taken 908 people’s lives. On Sunday, there were a reported 40,171 cases. More cases probably exist due to the severe strain China’s hospitals are under.