Kairos retreat puts students ‘outside of their comfort zone’

Last weekend, Waynesburg University students went to the Cornerstone Ministries Center for what the annual religious Kairos Retreat. Senior Bryce McGarvey, a biblical studies major with a focus on international missions, said that the word Kairos is a Greek word meaning “God’s time.” McGarvey first attended the retreat last year, and was a member of the planning committee. 

“Honestly, I attended because a lot of my friends were going,” McGarvey said. . “…I would probably say it wasn’t a good motivation to be going, but after going it was very clear that God wanted me there that weekend and that it wasn’t an accident that I had gone.” 

McGarvey said that he enjoyed his experience last year, saying that he was finally able to set apart time for God, and was fully focused on God the entire retreat. 

“We were constantly talking about God, constantly learning about God, constantly hearing about God and constantly praying to God,” McGarvey said . I enjoyed it just because it changed how I look at the body of Christ today.” 

McGarvey said that those who attended this year would also find to that, as well and being able to find a community of believers. Before Kairos, McGarvey didn’t always feel like he was a part of the community. At the retreat, however, God showed him that he was. 

“I normally didn’t always feel accepted in [the com munity] in the past,” McGarvey said. . “It was really in my own fault and pride, but God really took care of that pride and showed me how I was accepted into his family.” 

Those who are interested , should definitely experience the retreat, McGarvey said. 

“Other students should attend the retreat, one, because in a sense it puts you outside of your comfort zone,” McGarvey said. . “Right off the bat you don’t know the logistics of what you are doing, but since you are outside of your comfort zone you are able to be open with God.” 

The main thing that McGarvey and the other students focused on during last year’s retreat was God’s love for them. He enjoyed it because he doesn’t usually have time during the day to do that, which he added goes for most students on campus too. 

“You are almost stepping out into time where i t ’s only about God and you aren’t worrying about anything else, which is huge,” said McGarvey. “How many times do students have during the day amidst homework and everything else where they can just give almost a whole day just to learning about God and talking with him and praying with him?”