Ryerson State Park undergoing renovations

Greene County’s Ryerson State Park is located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, near the border of West Virginia. The park consists of 1,164 acres of land which includes a campground, hiking, fishing, picnicking and various winter activities. The park is also in the process of revamping a swimming complex 

“This project will replace an aging swimming pool facility and allow us to still provide swimming and related activities to the public in a safer, and much more efficient pool complex, particularly when taking into account the benefits the park will receive through the installation of the solar panels included in the project,” Alan Johnson, Ryerson State Park manager, said.

The vision for the park is always changing and improving. The goal for the park is to create an environment that is safe and exciting for all age groups to benefit from. The project is nearly 15% completed and is expected to be finished by the summer of 2020 for the public to enjoy. 

“The overall planning process for the Revision-Ryerson Station State Park plan is still ongoing, with that said, the swimming pool project took about 2.5-3 years’ worth of planning, including the design and bid phase,” Johnson said. 

The park will be paying for the $9.6 million pool complex with funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. In April of 2013, the DCNR and CONSOL Energy Inc. settled a lawsuit in regards to the impact of mining to the park’s dam. Ryerson Park will be using the settlement funds from the lawsuit.

The park staff is always open to suggestions and feedback from locals who envision improvements and a positive outcome for the park as a whole. With that attitude, the park is improving beyond the swimming pool.

“We are currently moving forward with a plan that will include several other renovations to the park including a major stream restoration project, as well as the construction of a multipurpose trail projected to be approximately 3.1 miles in length, and a re-aligned entrance to the park,” Johnson said.

Great things are envisioned for Ryerson State Park. From sunrise to sunset, the park is open each day of the year, always closing at nightfall. However, the park office is only open for specific hours, as well as the outdoor pool. All are welcome to contact the park office for facility details about seasonal opportunities.