University SAB hosts Wing Night


Brady's Roadhouse

Video courtesy of WCTV, Micah Leith

Last Wednesday, Waynesburg University hosted Wing Night, a Student Activities Board event held in Benedum Dining Hall. The event featured buffalo, garlic butter, and plain wings that were available to students with a meal plan. Students at the event gave the wings stellar reviews. 

“I think the garlic [wings] were pretty good. It was a little sweet, but the buffalo killed it,” Andrew Gordon, a junior biochemistry major said. “The [plain] was good, but wing night is always solid.”

“The honey garlic and plain wings are so good, you could tell that the meat is cooked well with the way it falls off the bone, the sauces aren’t too strong,” Darrion Allensworth, a freshman sports broadcasting major, said. “Just overall, the wings here are really good.”

According to Michelle Keith, graduate assistant at Waynesburg University, the event involved coordination between SAB and Aladdin Food Services.

“So we meet with Aladdin Food Services every month, and ask them for different things for our various events and work out a schedule with them,” Keith said.

WCYJ-FM attended the event to provide live music. 

“For the music portion, we asked 99.5 the Hive to join us and they [played] some background music,” Keith said.

In the future, students hope to see more wing nights. 

“Absolutely, every single Wednesday. I’d totally be down for wing night,” Gordon said.

“[I’d enjoy] more wing nights in the future honestly, I think if they have wing nights every week or every other week they’ll constantly get more people to come here,” Allensworth said. 

Allensworth also expressed interest in wings being added to the Beehive menu. 

“If they added wings to the Beehive, you’d definitely have a lot of people go up there for wings,” Allensworth said. 

Keith said that SAB is interested in hosting more wing nights in the future.

“Hopefully if this one goes well we’ll have another one coming up in the next couple months,” she said.