‘WU’s Line Is It Anyway’ to host performance

Waynesburg University’s spin-off of the show “Whose Line is it Anyway,” WU’s Line, will take place this Thursday, April 11 in the  Goodwin Performing Arts Center. The doors will open at 9:15 p.m. and the show will start 15 minutes later. Tickets are $1.

This year, the show is directed by junior history major Tre’ Thomas, which biblical ministry studies major Connor Hoffman says has brought a fresh new perspective to things.

“WU’s Line has been interesting because of the dynamic shift with the new director,” he said. Not to say that it is a bad different, but you get over that initial hump of someone else being in charge and I think that it actually helps us.”“Having fresh direction and a fresh way of doing things is good.”

As a freshman, Thomas never saw himself being in this position coming into Waynesburg, but said he now has more confidence because of the role.

“It has been rough mainly because it is my first time ever doing anything like this,” Thomas said.  “I had a little bit of experience being the assistant director the last two years and now being the director, I feel more confident.”

For Hoffman, WU’s line has been an outlet. He said he’s enjoyed being a part of it in his four years at Waynesburg.

“Just being up there and be[ing] goofy and a weirdo just makes me feel free and it is a situation where I don’t feel judged,” he said. a

He said he enjoys WU’s Line because there is nothing else like it here on campus.

“It is just one of those events where there is nothing like it, it is not like the play or the musical, it is not like the talent shows or anything like that,” He said. “Because it is students being students. Not really being characters, but presenting themselves in different scenarios and  that’s an aspect that brings everyone joy because it is realness and that’s something people will buy into.”

This year’s talent pool is one of the largest that  WU’s Line has ever had. Hoffman says that he enjoys working with all of them because everyone is different.

“Each person brings their own dynamic, I can’t say that there is a specific cast that I worked with that was better,” Hoffman said. “There are still some of the same people there that have been there since my freshman year with me, but at the same time one or two people will leave or someone will come on and they bring something that was missing or that was lost.”,”

Despite an already large cast, Thomas wants even more people to come out and audition for WU’s Line next year.

“It has been wonderful,” Thomas said. “I think that the cast has really become like family this year. Right now, I am sad to see a lot of them go [after this show],” Thomas said.