After 10 months, university launches new website

For the past 10 months, the Waynesburg University web core team, along with Ologie, has been working on changes to the university’s website. Last week, their work was finally complete and the new .edu site was launched.

“We worked closely with Ologie, a Columbus-based firm who has been our partner through the discovery phase, development and into this launch,” said Josh Beppler, integrated marketing coordinator. “We utilized several individual representatives from various offices and departments around campus to form a website core team, and they’ve been instrumental in keeping the channels of communication open while aiding in every step of the decision-making process. This entire project wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of the campus community as a whole, and we’re eternally grateful for that.”

Beppler said he is hopeful that the new website will help to recruit students to the university.

“ is one of our most prominent and useful recruiting tools, offering an in-depth look into who we are as an institution,” said Beppler. “It’s also a dependable and trusted resource for the campus community and beyond. With our new GROW campaign launching, it was the opportune time to refresh our web presence and launch the all-new”

Within the new website, several changes have been made not only aesthetically, but also structurally. There are also, of course, some things that stayed the same, such as the university’s mission statement and core values.

“Through thorough testing of structure and necessity, we have reorganized much of the information to make it more accessible to prospective and current students, as well as parents and families,” said Beppler. “This new design also integrates so much of our GROW campaign stylings and employs exciting technologies to create a really sharp presentation. The entire site was developed with a mobile-first mentality, so we feel navigation on your phone or tablet will be a much more streamlined and seamless experience. You’ll still see our core values and mission displayed prominently throughout the site, but infused more steadily throughout our content as a whole.”

Beppler is very excited about the launch of what he refers to as the “all-new”

“I’m personally ecstatic about what we’re seeing, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,’ said Beppler. “I think we’ve created a really solid user experience that permeates every part of the site; we’ve built everything from the ground up and the results really shine through.”

Even though the new website is officially out and fully functional, Beppler said that he, along with the website core team, will still be working on some things.

“We are continuing to fine-tune a few areas with small bug fixes and ever-evolving content,” said Beppler. “A website is never truly “100 percent” complete, but we’re certainly close. I cannot express my gratitude enough for our website core team and the multitude of people who have been involved throughout this entire process.”