Applications for resident mentors closed

Waynesburg University has closed its recent resident mentor application process of the 2023 Spring semester for the coming school year.

Students had the opportunity to apply to be resident mentors for all dormitories, going through the process of applying and being interviewed by staff including housing director Blair Howarth and resident director of Burns Hall, Heidi Dziak. The applicants had to participate in both group interviews and individual interviews.

“We discuss between Blair and the RD’s who we think would best fit the roles available on the staffs and send offer and denial letters to students once we have made our final decision,” Dziak said. 

In order to apply for a resident mentor position, students have requirements that must be met. 

“Students must have a minimum 2.50 GPA, reside on campus for at least one semester, and we review their disciplinary record,” Dziak informed. 

In addition to that, students must also provide cover letters, resumes, essay questions, a reference from a faculty or staff member, and self-evaluations. 

“From what I have seen so far via the interviews, I have enjoyed the candidates so far, and look forward to seeing the staffs created for next year,” Dziak said.

Rachel Little, a junior communications major, is in her first year as a Resident Mentor, coming off of the Fall 2022 semester as her first. This application process was a bit different from the previous application process, Little said.

“For our previous individual interviews, the RD’s there just asked me questions about myself and about the job,” she stated. “This time around, I had to give a presentation to the RD’s of the female resident halls, which was different.”

Given the results of the number of applicants overall, in comparison to the last application process, Little said that it seemed like a lesser number of applicants.

“To me, the group seemed smaller than the last year, but I also reflect on that more since this was the first year of group interviews with me.”

The denial and offer letters will be sent out to the applicants in the coming weeks.