Andrew Hreha

Concerns for American politics in the post-Trump era

Democrats, Congratulations! Donald Trump is no longer president. Being on the winning side of an election can be one of the greatest feelings in the world for those of us that follow our governing system. Moreso after this election, where the stakes were high on both sides. However, winning a presidential election gives you power, … Continue reading

Parody accounts have ‘some impact’ on university, according to admissions counselor

While students may enjoy parody accounts, the university must protect its image, especially with the growing presence of social media. Ashley Wise, director of university relations, said the university does not have an official stance on parody accounts. “Waynesburg University does not have an official stance on parody Twitter accounts,” Wise said. “But [we] would … Continue reading

Election 2020 Preview

Election Day 2020 has finally arrived. After over a year of anticipation, voters will have a final opportunity to cast their vote to determine the President of the United States for the next four years. This election is unlike any other in our nation’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the talking points … Continue reading

Yellow Jacket 2020 Election Q&A: Stover Scholars

With the 2020 Presidential Election drawing near, The Yellow Jacket Newspaper is conducting a poll to see where students stand. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wuyellowjacket and watch for our polling posts to participate. In addition to a student poll, we will also be polling different student groups across campus to get their input … Continue reading

Annual ’50s Fest creates memories for locals and more

Editor’s Note: Some of these photographs have been enhanced before publication. Last month, Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful hosted its 19th annual ‘50s Fest and Car Cruise. The show attracts local attention each year, as cars line the streets of Waynesburg for the event.  Doug Wilson, professor of communication at Waynesburg University and on-air talent for … Continue reading

It all starts locally

Last week, my column focused on the common myths and propaganda tools perpetuated by the two-party system to keep third parties out of contention for the presidency. While these are important to be aware of, it still may not be enough to sway your opinion on the 2020 election, and that’s okay. Where all of … Continue reading

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