Yellow Jacket 2020 Election Q&A: Stover Scholars

With the 2020 Presidential Election drawing near, The Yellow Jacket Newspaper is conducting a poll to see where students stand. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wuyellowjacket and watch for our polling posts to participate.

In addition to a student poll, we will also be polling different student groups across campus to get their input on the election and issues in the nation. Their responses will run weekly in our Election Q&A.

This week, we polled members of the Stover Program, asking why they are supporting their preferred candidate, their most important issue and their thoughts on the vice presidential debate. We received five responses, with three supporting President Donald Trump and two supporting former Vice President Joe Biden. Their responses are in the order in which we received them. 



Ethan Lown, freshman pre-law major, supporting Joe Biden


Q: Who do you think performed best in the vice presidential debate? Why?

A: I respect both vice president candidates, and I was appreciative of the debate style of Harris and Pence. I think Harris performed better simply because Pence’s answers regarding COVID did nothing to sway me or instill confidence in the ability of President Trump to be transparent.


Ryan McCann, junior political science major, supporting President Donald Trump


Q: Which one issue is the most important to you right now? Why?

A: Reopening the nation. There are various long-term side effects to the potential shut down, shall it be prolonged if Biden wins the election. For instance, this lockdown could have various negative economic side effects, [that] impact the physical and mental health of Americans and restrict vital freedoms of the American people.


Daniel Booth, senior history and political science double major, supporting President Donald Trump

Q: Which one issue is the most important to you right now? Why?

A: Christianity is more and more so being viewed as hostile. The prevention of the trend of hating Christians and the maintenance of what little Christian virtues we have left is crucial to maintain.


Alexandra Morar, junior political science major, supporting Joe Biden

Q: Why are you supporting your preferred candidate?

A: I am supporting Biden because I have been extremely frustrated with the Trump Administration. I do not agree with actions towards immigration, such as the 2016 Muslim Ban. I also find Trump to be a disrespectful leader. I understand the current COVID-19 crisis would be challenging on any president, and I give him credit for ending travel with Wuhan when the virus brought up attention in January. However, I did not like his disrespect towards the CDC or the fact he refused to wear a mask while encouraging others to wear them. Being a hypocrite does not encourage a country to be united during a crisis. During the first debate, I felt it was completely inappropriate to ridicule Joe Biden’s son. Regardless of his drug use, he served in the military and worked hard to overcome his addiction – that is something to praise, not bully. I also believe he is degrading the image of our nation with his Twitter [and] other comments.


George Morar, freshman political science major, supporting President Donald Trump

Q: Which one issue is the most important to you right now? Why?

A: The most important issue to me right now would be the riots and protest under the Black Lives Matter movements. The actions initiated by Antifa are a direct attack against the United States. They are fighting against innocent Christians, destroying the small businesses in our country and promoting socialist ideals that will lead to the destruction of our country. Furthermore, protestors are arguing for the defunding of our police forces, which would only result in the increase of crime rates in our country, thus endangering more everyday American lives.