Alexandra Morar

The first Christian Life Scholars

Last year, Waynesburg University offered a new scholarship to incoming freshmen: The Christian Life Scholarship.  According to the University’s website, the scholarship annually awards $1,000 to four incoming “students that have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and are involved in a local church.”  Once accepted, the scholarship awardees will be provided several opportunities to … Continue reading

Commissioner Board Meeting Updates (9-16-21)

At Thursday’s meeting, the Greene County Commissioners recognized September as Suicide Prevention month, distinguishing Sept. 10 as Suicide Prevention Day. They also approved September as Recovery Month-in regards to  drugs and alcohol addictions-and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month. Both Commissioner Mike Belding and Betsy McClure were present; Blair Zimmerman was absent due to his … Continue reading

Jessop Trail and Wisecarver project brainstorm meeting to be held

Tomorrow, the Greene County Commissioners will be hosting a meeting to brainstorm paving and future plans with the Jessop Trail and Wisecarver project. The meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the Wisecarver parking lot. Anyone is welcome to attend and bring suggestions.  Some Waynesburg faculty members will be in attendance to discuss potential … Continue reading

COVID didn’t stop culture

Vira Heinz scholars complete virtual programs

As the world continued to open this past summer, international travel still faced many restrictions. However, these travel limitations did not stop the Vira Heinz scholars from gaining international experience. In November of 2019, then-sophomore students CeCe Fitts, Amanda Latta, Rachel Pellegrino and Emily Schafer, received the Vira Heinz Award. As the four Waynesburg recipients … Continue reading

Commissioners’ Meetings (3-17 & 3-18)

On Thursday March 18, the Greene County commissioners approved the declaration of National Library Week to be set for April 4-10. The commissioners presented certificates to different local library directors as appreciation for their service. Commissioner McClure thanked the local librarians for all of their work.  “We really appreciate our libraries that we have,” McClure … Continue reading

It’s time to make time

Ever find yourself needing extra hours in the day? Begin the week already behind? Constantly feel overwhelmed? Then like me, you probably suffer from poor time-management skills and overachiever tendencies.  As Founding Father Benjamin Franklin stressed, “Do you love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.” Every moment … Continue reading

March County Commissioner meeting recaps

On Wednesday March 3, the Greene County commissioners met to place various proclamations, service agreements and community issues on their agenda. They then met on Thursday March 4 to approve these items.  At the Thursday meeting, they also congratulated Greene County resident Jazzy Strope on receiving the 2021 Achievement Award through the Greene County Intellectual … Continue reading

Dains elected President of Greene County United Way

Despite the year’s pandemic challenges, newly elected President of Greene County United Way’s Board of Directors, Joshuah Dains, is excited about what the future holds.  “Something I’m excited about is all of the change going on in the world right now. Whenever incredible change like this is happening, that gives organizations and people the opportunity … Continue reading

Will Greene County survive?

Belding airs concerns over county future

“Our future is literally in peril,” warns Greene County Commissioner, Mike Belding. After his first year in office as commissioner, Belding reflects on the year’s accomplishments and challenges.  Belding claims to have faced political strife while pushing for projects and believes Greene County must embrace a “unity of effort” in order to survive.  “As a … Continue reading

Commissioners’ meetings for the month of February

Editor’s Note: The Greene County Commissioners Wednesday meetings are being reported by The Yellow Jacket in-person. Thursday meetings are being reported via the live stream on the Greene County Commissioners Facebook page.   On February 18, the Greene County Commissioners met to discuss issues involving COVID-19, various service agreements seeking approval and staff appointments. The … Continue reading