Caleb Yauger

Waynesburg loses beloved family member

Waynesburg University recently lost an important family member. Larry Marshall, a resident of Waynesburg for his entire life, passed away on Friday, Oct. 14, at the age of 75.  In recognition of his passing, a ceremony was held on campus on Saturday, Oct. 22, to commemorate the former Waynesburg grad and distinguished alumni award winner. … Continue reading

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wow, what a loaded question. It’s a typical conversation starter amongst friends, but when really taken into deep thought, this is a fantastic question to digest. Here is my quick answer: Money buys you PLEASURE, not happiness.  Let me explain. Now I completely understand why people post on social media “Unpopular opinion: Money CAN buy … Continue reading

Sailing at Greene County Airport

At the Greene County Airport, guests have an opportunity to sail, but not in a sailboat. Guests can take to the skies in sailplanes. A sailplane is essentially an airplane without an engine, but it is constructed differently than the airliner or some other small airplane that may be seen in that it has very … Continue reading