Waynesburg loses beloved family member

Waynesburg University recently lost an important family member. Larry Marshall, a resident of Waynesburg for his entire life, passed away on Friday, Oct. 14, at the age of 75. 

In recognition of his passing, a ceremony was held on campus on Saturday, Oct. 22, to commemorate the former Waynesburg grad and distinguished alumni award winner.

“He just loved serving people, which I think is part of that Waynesburg alumni tradition and service,” Waynesburg University President, Douglas G. Lee, said. “So a life of service up until the very end.”

Marshall played basketball at Waynesburg, which led him to be an assistant coach alongside the legendary Rudy Marisa.

According to his obituary, Marshall was a science teacher for 35 years at Trinity High School, chief of the Waynesburg-Franklin Township Fire Company for 25 years and manager of the Greene County Fairgrounds for 42 years. 

According to those who knew him, he was community-driven. 

“He knew everyone in the community, and it seemed like he knew everything that was going on,” President Lee said.

“I knew that the role that the role that he was in the leadership, that the way he led the fire company there,” Randy Pettit, fire lieutenant of the Waynesburg-Franklin Township Fire Company, said. “I knew 100% that he had my safety and everyone’s safety at the forefront.”