Haley Custer

Q&A: The Faculty and Student Shared Reading Space

Professor Robert Randolph, professor of English, has started open readings for faculty, staff and students. Anyone is welcome to attend or share pieces such as poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction etc. According to Randolph, the only pieces that do not meet the event’s vibe are essays, music and visual art. On Thurs. Oct. 21, Randolph … Continue reading

When life gives you lemons

Do you know the saying, “If life gives you lemons … make lemonade?” Well, what if you don’t want to make lemonade? What if you rather enjoy pure pristine water? What if you want to avoid the lemons altogether? That’s how I felt about the direction my life was going my freshman year of college. … Continue reading

Writing Center celebrates Banned Book Week

Crack open a banned book, become a rebel. The Waynesburg University Writing Center is hosting events all month to celebrate Banned Books Week. The Writing Center is asking for anyone to join. Social media is one way to fight back.  “We’re asking anyone who is interested in submitting a selfie with a banned book to … Continue reading

Dreaming of the birthday of a lifetime

Growing up, my birthday wasn’t celebrated the same way my friends celebrated their big day. When I was younger, I was fortunate to have the family-type birthday parties, where I didn’t really get to have fun. It was more or less my job to make sure my family was having fun celebrating my birthday.  For … Continue reading

Hope for Life candle vigil event shines light on personal challanges

Waynesburg University’s Suicide Prevention Week concluded with the “Hope for Life” event Thursday, Sept. 9,  in Roberts Chapel.  A candle vigil on the chapel steps preceded the event. Since the alumnus who was supposed to speak did not show up, Nathan Altman and Chaley Knight, Waynesburg University counselors, had to adjust, shifting  the event to … Continue reading

Waynesburg University to take part in National Suicide Prevention Week

To kick off the Wellness Initiative, the Waynesburg University Counseling Center, more specifically Nathan Altman and Chaley Knight, are taking charge of National Suicide Prevention Week with supportive events on campus. National Suicide Prevention Week is September 6-10 this year. Since the week starts with Labor Day, there will not be any events held on … Continue reading

Criminal Justice Club adapts to pandemic changes

COVID-19  has been the talk of most social media outlets, so it is no surprise it is relevant to the setbacks of the Waynesburg University Criminal Justice Club. It has limited lives severely, not only going grocery shopping or social lives but also networking and making connections in careers. Nothing is the same. The Criminal … Continue reading