Olivia Kiger

Why a Stanley?

Stanley cups have grown in popularity within the past two years. This kind of “craze” has been a prime influence from a 40-ounce water bottle with a straw. But, why is a 110-year-old brand all of a sudden regaining publicity and popularity?  I believe the whole water bottle phase started with the HydroFlask and now … Continue reading

Leading WU Profile: Seth Robertson

Seth Robertson is a senior accounting major and a student leader in the Department of Business Administration at Waynesburg University. Being a leader is something he prides himself on.   Melinda Walls, chairperson for the Department of Business Administration, named Robertson as a leader in the department.  “Leaders inspire and motivate; the best way to do … Continue reading

Nest preps for new opportunities for WU students

News has been rattling the campus about the upcoming eHive providing more campus opportunities through the Nest. Not only could it benefit students, but it could also save money for the university by making in house products. The hours currently fluctuate, however, as standard hours are being put into place. The current hours are Mondays … Continue reading

New Chair for the Department of Business Administration

Change is coming to the Waynesburg University Department of Business Administration. New leadership has stepped in to take over said department, this opens greater opportunities for students and faculty.  W. Robert Stover Chair of Entrepreneurial Leadership, associate professor of Business Administration and newly named Chair of the Department of Business Administrations, Melinda Walls is stepping … Continue reading

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