Rachel Pellegrino

Shootings highlight horrifying truths

Last Thursday, Nov. 14, Santa Clarita, Calif. High School students were left helpless and scared as one of their fellow students opened fire with a .45-caliber pistol. The site is one that has become very familiar to students across America as this shooting served as the 44th school-shooting in the last 46 weeks, according to … Continue reading

Waynesburg police carry Narcan to save more lives

“When I get there, they’re down … they’re laying on the floor basically dead … their breathing is very sporadic, it’s not a breath that you would be able to maintain life with … [and] they’re usually a shade of grey,” said Chief of Police Tom Ankrom, describing one of the several times he’s come … Continue reading

Columbus Day remains controversial

A few years ago, my high school history teacher asked my class who founded America.  My immediate answer was Christopher Columbus because we were always taught Columbus discovered America. Throughout my childhood, teachers and commercials recited the famous poem about his voyage. “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue … ” Remembering this … Continue reading

In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Alien enthusiasts raid Area 51 The long-awaited day has arrived. On Friday, Sept. 20 around 3,000 people showed up to Area 51 in plans of storming the US Air Force facility in Nevada. The Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported to CNN that the crowd ultimately decided against storming the facility after officers warned … Continue reading

‘IT’ movie emphasizes topic of fear

After watching the movie “IT Chapter Two,” I couldn’t stop thinking about two things: the first being the creepy image of Pennywise laughing and the second being fear.  For those of you who are not avid “IT” fans or know nothing about the movie, fear plays a huge role in the film and not just … Continue reading

Project Linus offers service opportunity for students

Last year, 236 blankets were made by Waynesburg University’s students and 236 children’s lives were changed.Rachel Pellegrino, The Yellow Jacket This was made possible by the national non-profit organization Project Linus, which provides security blankets to children in need. Kelley Hardie, assistant dean of Student Services, started a chapter of Project Linus in Greene County … Continue reading

New pizzeria in town proves to be a success

When first hearing about the new pizzeria being built in Greene County, Waynesburg University senior business management major and Greene County resident, Ryan Brownfield, was skeptical. His first thought was, “Great, just what we need. Another pizza place in this small town.” After the opening of Fat Angelo’s Pizzeria earlier this summer, Brownfield’s opinion had … Continue reading

Jazz ensemble grows in number, ability

The Marsh Center was filled with the sound of music as the Waynesburg University Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra performed Tuesday, April 16. This concert served as both ensembles first and only performance of the semester. For many seniors, it was their last. PayneWissler, senior biology major and music minor, said the concert was sentimental. … Continue reading