Back to the 50s: Waynesburg hosts annual ‘50’s Fest & Car Cruise’

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rachel Pellegrino

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the annual “50’s Fest & Car Cruise” rolled into the streets of Waynesburg Saturday, Sept. 11.

From classical vehicles to classical tunes, High Street was filled with all things 50s. Families, friends and car lovers joined for a day of fun with oldies music provided by WANB Radio’s “Greene County Greaser,” Doug Wilson. 

“It’s a very nice show,” said Becky Campbell, “50’s Fest & Car Cruise” participant.

“Every time we’ve come here, it’s been busy and there’s a lot of nice looking cars.”

The event, hosted by Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful, has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. Offering door prizes, raffles and giveaways for participants and spectators, the “50’s Fest & Car Cruise” has something for everyone.

“Everybody loves it and it’s a great time for everybody to just get out and enjoy themselves,” said Danielle Nyland, co-chair of the “50’s Fest & Car Cruise” Committee. 

With almost 160 cars registered this year, the event is one of the most popular car cruises in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“We have people that travel hundreds of miles to come here and they start asking us about it as soon as it’s over,” Nyland said.

What brings people back year after year isn’t just their love for cars. It’s the comradery.

“The show, the people, everything is great. It’s a beautiful town. Everybody’s so friendly and nice,” Thomas Edwin Nine, “50’s Fest & Car Cruise” participant, said.

Even though the event continues to be successful, Nyland emphasized that it would not be possible without the volunteers and local support.

“The committee does a lot of hard work to do it, and we are looking for people that would like to help us so we can continue the event,” Nyland said. “So, if there are people that want to join our committee … we would love to hear from them.”

As for next year, car owners are already revving their engines. 

Nine said he’ll be attending, “every time I can.”