Rachel Pellegrino

Education seniors ‘resilient’

Resilient. That is how Dr. Kelley Solomon will remember the senior education majors. “The education department is extremely proud of our 2021 graduates,” associate professor of education Dr. Solomon said.  “As a cohort, they have encountered a new level of complexity within the education profession that is unprecedented.”  Over the years, the class of 2021 … Continue reading

President Lee addresses COVID-19 on campus

Waynesburg University President Douglas Lee said this past semester has been unlike any other in the memory of the institution.  The 2020 Fall Semester was a semester of change as the University continued to implement its “Keep Waynesburg Well” plan in order to keep students safe and on campus.  According to the University’s website, since … Continue reading

Dining hall restrictions change during pandemic

Students got a first glimpse of the new campus life that they would be living in July, when Shari Payne, Vice President of Enrollment, sent out a campus-wide email informing students on the new restrictions in the Beehive and Benedum Dining Hall.  The email outlined the first steps of Waynesburg’s Wellness Plan for the dining … Continue reading

Boy scouts troop raises money through spaghetti dinner

The Boy Scouts of America Troop 1280 will be hosting their annual spaghetti dinner at St. Ann Catholic Church Friday, Feb. 21 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This year’s event will help fundraise for the troop’s trip to Washington D.C. later this year.  The Washington D.C. trip is important to the boy scout troop … Continue reading

Student shuttle service becoming less popular

Waynesburg University’s Student Services has offered a free shuttle service, called the Loop, since 2014. The shuttle runs most Tuesdays and Thursdays, while school is in session, to a variety of stores in Waynesburg for students who do not have access to a car; however, in recent years the service has become less popular. “[When] … Continue reading

West Greene plans facilities updates

In an initiative to prepare students to be productive citizens, West Greene School District has announced it will be renovating its vocational agriculture and STEAM facilities. In a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Governor Wolf reported 71% of jobs in Pennsylvania require a background update in computers and new technologies. After looking … Continue reading

Sisters study in South Korea through exchange program

Erynne Kubat, junior sociology major, and Elena Kubat, junior history major, knew exactly where they wanted to study abroad since their freshman year of college.  They both are fascinated with the culture and history of the country and wanted to travel somewhere that wasn’t a common study abroad destination for Americans, Elena Kubat said. So, … Continue reading

Book shows haunted side of county

Greene County, founded back in 1796, is well-known for its bridges and coal and mining industries. They have become a part of the land’s history. There is one other important aspect that defines Greene County, however. One that is left out of historical textbooks and residents do not speak often of. Greene County, recently named … Continue reading