Bowlby Library Board of Directors Trustees vacancy spots

The Bowlby Library’s Board of Directors Trustees in Waynesburg have two vacant spots that they are trying to fill. One spot is a general body seat, the other is looking to be filled by someone with financial skills to be the Treasurer. 

The board consists of nine positions. Their main role is to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities of the library and perform some fundraising aspects. The board members also oversee the executive director of the library, Kathy McClure.

“We are getting a little bit nervous because we have not had anybody step forward to volunteer,” said McClure. “Basically the commitment is to 11 meetings a year. It is a working board so they do fundraising through two major events.”

Included in the fundraising responsibility, the board plans the annual Turkey Trot, which takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Thanks to the board members this event has been going on for five years, with the exception of a virtual event last year due to COVID-19. 

In addition to the Turkey Trot fundraiser, the board is also in charge of the appeal letters that go out at the end of the year.

“Those are the two big fundraisers, but they do small fundraisers throughout the year as well, depending on the availability of the board members being able to plan and implement the events,” said McClure. “They also come in for some of the things that we do here in the library ourselves. So if we have a program, the library board members will often come in and help with that. We are always grateful for that as well.”

Anyone over 21 can apply to be a board member for the Bowlby Library. If interested, send a letter of interest to, bring it in personally, or mail it to the library. The library staff will reach out by sending an invitation to attend a board meeting, and applicants will speak with McClure about what the positions entail. Anyone interested will also receive a handbook that includes the library bylaws, history, policies and their expectations. 

“We welcome young people as well because they have a different perspective they can bring into the library,” said McClure.