Donations surpass set goal on Day of Giving

On Thursday Nov. 4, Waynesburg University hosted their 6th annual WU Day of Giving. This event is a major campaign for donations to Waynebsurg.

According to Waynesburg University’s official website, The money raised goes toward providing 90% of students their financial aid, enhancing educational programs, maintaining a safe and healthy campus and more.

This year, the goal for donations was set at $250,000. The desired goal was crushed, and Waynesburg ended up receiving $360,485 in donations.

This event is a chance for alumni, families, students and staff from all across the nation to donate, give back and show their appreciation for Waynesburg University. This year donors from all across America, including 656 total donors from 38 states chose to donate to Waynesburg.

Donna Nypaver, director of donor relations and annual giving at Waynesburg University, took the lead on this campaign. 

“Donations made for any amount make a big difference in the lives of Waynesburg University students,” Nypaver said. “All Day of Giving donations have an immediate impact across campus, and this support allows our students to continue to receive many educational opportunities.” 

Even though this is a campaign to raise money for the university, there is also a competition between departments and sports teams to see who can raise the most money. 

On the university’s website, it states that each department and sports team will receive 20% of the money, up to $2,500, that they raise for Waynesburg during WU Day of Giving. This money will go into their restricted account for their use only. 

The athletic team and department that raise the most money will receive $2,000 each and second place in each category will receive $1,000 each. This year the first place department was Biblical and Ministry Studies which was followed by Business Administration. 

The first place athletics team was Softball. Volleyball came in second, barely raising more than football. 

During last year’s Day of Giving, Waynesburg raised $302,745. This year Waynesburg raised $57,740 more than last year. The Institutional Advancement staff that was in charge of this year’s drive made some changes compared to years past that helped increase the volume of donations. 

“We had new payment options, new ways for alumni and friends to give,” said David Floyd, director of development and alumni relations. “We had Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and then we also had a text to give number and a QR code that we could use for in-person events”

“While in the office we see the names of families, faculty and friends come up across the screen as they donate with all the messages that they put on there in terms of what Waynesburg means to them,” Floyd said. “That, I think, is the best part about the day for us because there is certainly a lot of work that goes into the day.” 

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