Ron DeSantis exiting the Presidential Race in the GOP

In the wake of a presidential race heating up, the GOP party, better known as the Republican party, could be in a longer and more strenuous race to be the party’s number one candidate. This would be wrong very quickly into the race, as before the first in-nation primary could take place in New Hampshire, republican candidate Ron DeSantis dropped out on Jan. 20. which left two main candidates running, Nikki Haley and Donald Trump.

In a presidential race that is heating up slowly but surely, it just got even more interesting with candidate DeSantis dropping out of the race. DeSantis was one of the contenders against Trump for the primary candidate alongside Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Vivek Ramaswamy, who have all dropped out before the first primary in the nation in New Hampshire. Haley is the only other candidate with a likely chance against the former president, but with the recent dropouts endorsing Trump, this continues to reduce her chances of achieving the presidency.

Jacob Fleming, who is studying government and musical theory at the University of Vermont, answered some questions about the GOP party news and the race for the presidency as it heats up.  “DeSantis’ base was always too close to Trump’s and once Trump made his disdain for DeSantis appared, the Florida governor never stood a chance” Fleming said. “She [Haley] has pretty clearly alienated herself from Trump’s inner circle and her goal at this point seems to be preventing a second term for Trump.” Former president Trump is waiting on a ruling from the Supreme Court on whether or not his name will be allowed on the primary ballot, which could shift Haley’s goal according to Fleming. As the race continues, President Biden also has begun his campaign to be re-elected for the democratic candidate.

The negative effects of the 2020 presidential election left a bad taste in citizens’ mouths that no one wants to go through again. Personally, I am not surprised about the recent activity within the GOP party, as former President Trump’s campaign has been popular amongst red states, so his comeback was inevitable. I feel that Haley dropping out of the race is not an “if” but a “when” scenario. DeSantis, after dropping out, endorsed Trump’s campaign and rumors have swirled about DeSantis possibly joining Trump as his Vice President or a cabinet member if Trump were to win the 2024 election. As we inch closer to the general election on Nov. 5 for the 2024 presidential election, time will tell who will be in office for the next four years.