Series: Voices of WU

WU students choose Snapchat first

“I use Snapchat for its convenience.” This was a common answer when half of 50 surveyed students on Waynesburg University’s campus explained why they prefer to use Snapchat over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 28 percent of the surveyed students preferred Instagram, 12 percent preferred Facebook and only 10 percent preferred Twitter. The other 50 percent … Continue reading

Column: Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits

Lifestyle changes are hard. Oftentimes you commit yourself to eating healthier, or working out more, only to see it crumble after a few weeks because you lose the willpower or drive. I’ve been there, more times than I can remember. It’s an up and down struggle that I’ve battled with for the better part of … Continue reading

Column: The wage gap still exists in the U.S.

Last week, a friend of mine approached me, frazzled, and told me about a professor who had claimed there is no longer a gender pay gap in the United States. After doing some research, I learned that unfortunately, this kind of thinking is not so unusual: many commentators, including those representing reputable sources, have claimed … Continue reading

In the News: Five headlines you need to know this week

Senate says no collusion between Trump campaign and Russia Both Democrats and Republicans on the senate committee investigating the 2016 Presidential Election have come out and said they have found no evidence of direct collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. As the investigation draws to an end, senators are stating there is no … Continue reading

Be careful what you decide to tweet

It’s not hard to clean up your social media. As a matter of fact, it’s simple. Go on Twitter, type in your handle and follow that with the offensive word/slur of your choice, and if anything comes up, delete that tweet regardless of when it was written or how old you were when you wrote … Continue reading

Media is reprogramming our society

The media and what it portrays helps paint our view of the world, our opinions of one another and structures what our culture deems as acceptable. Pause for a second. Ruminate. Reread that sentence. Upon reading the sentence you may have shrugged slightly or yawned of boredom. Sure, media influences us, but who really cares? … Continue reading

Fiction books are taking second place

In the past decade, the leisurely activity of reading has slowly been replaced by the entertaining aspects of phones and computers. But this does not necessarily mean that young people are reading less. It may just mean that the activity of reading is manifesting itself in a different form than the traditional physical style. In … Continue reading

Law threatens web

A year ago, net neutrality was everywhere in the news, as the Federal Communications Commission pushed to roll back Title II—a law which prohibits Internet Service Providers from regulating how consumers use the internet. Most consumers felt this change from the FCC would negatively impact how Americans accessed and used the internet. Now, Europeans are … Continue reading

In the News: Five headlines you need to know this week

Extreme Winter Weather Sweeps Across the United States This week across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, dangerous temperatures below zero are set to strike through Thursday evening. According to CNN, “between Tuesday and Thursday, temperatures will plunge to 20-40 degrees below zero in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes,” Hennen said. “Wind chills will … Continue reading