Student Senate Election process underway

It’s election season at Waynesburg University. 

The Student Senate is preparing for executive board and general seats elections for next year. An email was sent out on March 23 with information about running for senate seats for the upcoming senior, junior and sophomore classes. 

According to the email, a candidate must be a full-time student and in good standing with the university and must fill out the application included in the email. Four seats are available for each class, and the applications must be signed by ten other students and turned in by Wednesday, March 30 at 5 p.m. to sitting Executive Vice President Lachlan Loudon. 

“Late applications will not be accepted, no exceptions,” Loudon wrote in an email. If a student does not apply in time, Loudon explains there is another option. “There will also be write-ins … so anybody who misses the deadline can attempt a write-in campaign.”

The Senate is also conducting elections for executive board positions, separate from the general election. 

Loudon wrote “You must have one year of WU Student Senate experience to be eligible for executive board candidacy.” 

He noted that applications are already closed for these positions. 

The elections will be held in Johnson Commons at lunch time for each election. Executive board elections will be held on April 6 and April 7, with the results announced on April 8. General senate elections are on April 13 and April 14, with results announced on April 15. 

Paper ballots are the method of choice for the Senate, according to Loudon.

 “Students walking by are encouraged to fill out a ballot and cast their vote,” Loudon wrote. “We use traditional paper-pencil format, with a secured ballot box.” 

This is when write-ins will be accepted, but only for the general elections.

As noted in the announcement email, students whose applications are accepted will receive an email giving further detail about campaigning. And for freshman seats, those will be decided in the fall semester when the new freshman class arrives.