Students travel to see exotic animals at Pittsburgh Zoo

A group of 43 students left from Miller Hall and went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Sunday, Sept. 17, for a fun day of exploration. For Resident Director Elizabeth Diviney, this was her first time ever going to the zoo and aquarium in Pittsburgh.

“It was really awesome for my first trip there,” said Diviney. “I got to see a lot of neat things.”

Some of the things that she enjoyed were the African safari section that had monkeys, giraffes, elephants and other exotic animals not indigenous to Waynesburg. Diviney, who travelled with friends, liked the jelly fish as well as getting to experience other sea creatures.

“Getting to touch the manta rays was really fun, at first it felt creepy because they were slimy, but after a while my friends and I got used to it,” said Diviney.

Diviney got to experience things she hadn’t seen before including orangutans play fighting, as well as the life-size measurements of a rhinoceros. She said that she appreciated all of the knowledge she gained from visiting the different exhibits.

“For it being my first ever time going I really enjoyed it,” said Diviney. “It was awesome, hopefully I will get to go on the next trip too.”

Sophomore nursing major Annalise Cardish went to the zoo and aquarium for the first time. Cardish, a SAB member, said that she was really excited to get to see the giraffes and other animals like the jelly fish and penguins.

SAB enjoys planning these trips because they consistently have a big turnout.

“We always go on the Zoo trip and it always seems to be well attended so we continue to do it,” said Erin Kern, who is also a SAB member.

“It is basically a semester thing, spring and fall, that a lot of people love going to,” said Luke Carter, a graduate assistant for student services.

Kern said her favorite thing to see at the PPG Aquarium is the penguins exhibit. Carter enjoys the trip because it is easy on a tight college student budget.

“It is awesome that it is at a reduced price instead of paying $16 for a single ticket,” said Carter on the university students having the opportunity to pay only $7 for their tickets.

Kern visited the zoo during the Fall 2011 semester and remembered the exciting time she enjoyed with her friends.

“My freshman year I went with my choir, the Waynesburg touring choir, and we had a really fun time and made some great memories,” said Kern. “Just being able to hang out with your friends walking around seeing the animals is really cool.”