Waynesburg University students elect new senators for the 2023-2024 academic year

Last week, four new senators were elected to Waynesburg University’s student senate, and two executive board members were sworn into new positions. On Monday, Sept. 11, an election was held in Johnson Commons for the four open seats in the freshman class and the one open seat in the sophomore class. Among the newly elected and sworn-in are Holt Dawson, Tyler Gordon, Caleb Hartman and Steven Trettel. Sophomore John Dalzotto was elected and sworn into his respective class. 

At last week’s meeting, recently elected executive board members were sworn into their respective positions. The 2023-2024 executive board consists of Ethan Lown as president, Jason Polgar as executive vice president and chair of the polling committee, Emily Barker as the chair of campus affairs, Kristie Faber as chair of the academic affairs committee, Anna Rape as treasurer and Joshua DeFries as the secretary. 

“I’m really looking forward to–now that we have a full senate– a full polling committee and having their ideas,” Polgar said. 

Student senate is a student-led governing body that petitions changes as a representative of the student body. Held every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on the third floor of Stover, the meetings have designated time to open the floor to students in attendance. All students are welcome to attend the meetings. 

“I view it as the bridge between students and the administration,” Lown said. “The more the merrier.” 

Engaging students and listening to their concerns is critical to the senate. 

“It’s one thing to be collecting the data, but we want the data and feedback and to have the most impact on the direction that administration decides to take on certain issues,” Polgar said. 

For those interested in participating in the polls, the forms will be available on MyConnect soon.