Willison Hall residents play ‘assassins’ game

The dormitories at Waynesburg University are not just for housing students. In Wilison Hall, the dormitory for upperclasman males, the Resident Advisors (RA) have devised a way for the students to interact and grow as a community.

They have come up with a series of in-hall games for the residents to participate in.

Junior Psychology major Justin Shirey said two hall games have already been planned.

“Right now, we have the mini-basketball tournament set up and the big one we have going is assassin,” said Shirey.

Most of the residents of Wilison hall are participating in the game of “assassins,” which has a particular set of rules to be followed.

“The basic rule is that each person gets a clothespin with your targets name on it, so you have to find that person and clip it onto them without them knowing,” said Shirey. “This is to attack, it has to be clipped to their person for five seconds and then they are eliminated.”

Shirey also said that after successfully completing the “attack,” the person who is eliminated has to pass their target onto the person who eliminated them.

Although the “attack” portion of the game is rather important, there is a way for the residents to “defend” themselves and stay in the game.

“If you catch someone trying to pin you, you can say stop or anything to get the clothespin off of you and then there is a 15-minute grace period before they can attack again,” said Shirey.

According to Shirey, after a failed attack is made, the game becomes easier for that resident because he knows who is coming after him.

The game will continue until there is only one resident left.

“In a perfect world, if you end up with your own clothespin then that means you’ve won the game,” said Shirey.

The game offers the opportunity for residents to get to know one another, especially in a larger dorm like Wilison.

“It gives the chance to bring the guys together and gives a different avenue to interact with people who you might not interact with on a daily basis,” said Shirey. “Our overall goal is just to build community and just build relationships among residents.”

The RA’s meet throughout the semester and work together to plan out different games and events for the residents to participate in to interact with each other.

“It was a team idea for Residence Life, as far as ‘assassins’ goes. We just wanted something that could include the whole hall and wouldn’t have to be like one specific event,” said Shirey.

‘Assassins’ should prove to have an impact on the residents because “targets” were assigned randomly, and getting to know that person would be an essential step in eliminating them from the game.

“It’s a great way to get to know someone, because if you don’t know your target, then you have to go interact with them and figure out who they are,” said Shirey.

While the ‘assassins’ game was a team idea, there are other programs or events that are brought on by individual RA’s.

“Individual things like mini-basketball and things like that are specific to certain RA’s,” said Shirey.

As a part of residence life, Shirey encourages more students to attend or participate in the events in order to build more relationships.

“Just come out. We would like a lot of people to be there and would love to see more faces there,” said Shirey.